Sinners are Welcome


''And God said, Let there be light: and there was light.'' (Gen. 1)

alvation For Sinners


List of Christian prosecutions

In the darkness of this world are many sinners...

And maybe they are searching a Savoir


Perhaps at the moment you are staying in a country where it is prohibited to be a Christian. You have heard of the Bible. You have heard of God and His son Jesus Christ. Or else: perhaps you know God under the name Allah, but you don’t know His Son Jesus. Jesus is the Son of God. When the earth was created, the Son was with His Father. When Adam and Eve, the first people on earth, ate of the forbidden fruit, Jesus observed this. He saw the human being falling. He saw the good, spotless creature, perish in sin. He also saw the incapability to ever return to God again. Perhaps heaven was trembling together with the angels when they saw this. Gods creature destroyed itself…

Jesus knew His Father didn’t know sin. Jesus didn’t sin Himself either. He also knew His Father hated sin and He still does with a great hatred. Once His Father had spoken: “For in the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die.” (Genesis 2). The wages of sin is death (Romans 6). Even before this, in heaven already something had happened whereof the angels and God were witnesses. The devil, which was an angel, fell! He was thrown out of heaven. He and his assistants. En now the human being followed…

You all know, that when you have a pitcher with some red fluid and one with yellow fluid, and from both of the fluids you pour a little bit in one cup, these will compound together in a certain color in between. And however this color is different from the two colors mentioned, nobody can deny that in that cup is something of both pigments. Perhaps from one color a tiny bit more than from the other, but both are in the cup. And how often you will pour more in the cup, there will always be those two pigments in it. When there will never be added something else, these two pigments will always remain.

Eve ate of the fruit in paradise. And Adam ate after Eve gave him some of the fruit too. As a result these two people fell. Adam and Eve. Now the human being and the entire earth was cursed. Human being had sinned and had fallen. No one, descending from these people, can say they are better than Adam and Eve, because they are an agglomeration of these two people, exactly like the two colors of fluid together became the fluid in the cup. We aren’t like Adam and Eve. We are Adam and Eve. No more and no less. So we are fallen human beings. So our own flesh and blood has eaten and as a result we, though we are born far later in time, are fallen children of men. No better, but just as worse. Even ungodly. We descended from them, right? Nothing is added!

Perhaps this moment you are staying in a country where Christians are persecuted. But maybe not. Perhaps you visited this website by curiosity. But maybe not. Anyway, whoever reads this, is a descendant from Adam, and therefore a fallen, sinful person. You are lying lost in sin and guilt… At the very moment Eve ate from the tree, a heavy and deep darkness came upon earth… “thou shalt surely die…” The eternal punishment became truth…

And there Gospel begins!

Jesus and the angels saw human being falling. Perhaps an upset scream sounded through heaven. Gods creation, destroyed by creation itself! God saw it, His Son observed it and the Holy Ghost perceived it. And there Christ saw the total incapability of the human being. Dead, in sin and iniquity. Sinfull and fallen. Christ knew that His Father was righteous and still is. He couldn’t accept sin, because He was spotless and without sin Himself.


Whenever there is someone who in some way has harmed us, we can become extremely angry. However at a certain point we could say: “I forgive you! Why? Because I am unrighteous myself. I also do wicked things. Why wouldn’t I forgive you, since I am no better than you are?” Just imagine: God can’t say this. He was wroth and He remained so! He couldn’t say He would forgive because He wasn’t any better. He didn’t know sin…

Human being was obligated to give His image back that He created in the human being. Then there would be forgiveness. But this was impossible. The human being had fallen; dead, in sin and mischief. How can man ever give that image back? Then Jesus spoke to His Father: “Lo, I come” (Psalm 40: 7). Christ was willing to take this on Him. There where there was no possibility from mans side anymore, there God created an opportunity. His Son Jesus! There where there was no possibility anymore, the Lord Himself came with the solution. He prepared the way and took the punishment on Him. The Lord prepared the way for His Bride! That Bride is His people. They are His children.

For you, who reads this, but doesn’t understand this, I have an advice! Ask that God, Who has created us, for eyesalve (Revelation 3:18) and ask for His Holy Spirit. He will show you. He will reveal it to you! Call upon Him! Ask for His Sprit. Now… or never…


Jezus talks in His Word, not if He it is, but that it is a sort of signpost to Him. Remember this. Don’t pray to the Bible, but pray to God! Ask Him for His Holy Spirit and ask if He is willing to explain His Word to you. No explanation of man, but His explanation. Not that you find Him in the Word, but that you find Him by the Word. He is the Word Himself!

“Search the Scriptures; for in them ye think ye have eternal life: and they are they which testify of me.” (John 5:39)

He came to the earth. He was tortured by His own creatures, His own creation. Beaten. Murdered… And still… He did this for His Bride, the people who believe in Him. Go to Him! Look upon Him! Be redeemed by Him! Demand, call upon Him and cry for Him with all your heart!

The day is coming that this earth will perish… Then we will be judged or condemned. Are you ready to meet Christ? He is standing with His arm wide spread, yes He is pleading you to come. Believe on Me! “All things are ready: come unto the marriage!” (Matthew 22:4)

DON’T WAIT ANY LONGER WITH PRAYING! And if He stays out, if He doesn’t answer your prayers immediately; be courageous en persist! None that wait on Him will be ashamed!

Wherever you are over the entire world. The Lord sees you and is observing you. He is seeking you and is calling for you. When you know Him you are happy! Wars or persecutions, sorrows or anguish: you can bear it all because you know Jesus. He will reveal Himself to you. Don’t wait any longer and call upon Him!